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About Us

About Us

Company Overview:

Established in 1976, PMC is a premier Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in wire processing and thread rolling machines. We are committed to designing and developing innovative equipment known for their precision, high-speed operation, efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness. Our product lineup includes precision wire processing machinery, High-Speed Fully Automatic Wire Straightening, Wire Bend Forming & Cutting Machines, and Hydraulic Thru-feed & Infeed Thread Rolling Machines.

At PMC, we provide comprehensive metal processing solutions. In the field of metal wire, rod, and tube processing, we have built a strong reputation, earning the trust and support of customers worldwide over the years.

Key Products:

High-Speed Fully Automatic Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine

Automatic Wire Bend Forming Machine

Automatic Wire Round Forming Machine

Automatic Bar & Pipe Chamfering Machine

Hydraulic Thru-feed & Infeed Thread Rolling Machine for solid bar & tube/pipe

Key Advantages and Features:

Our machines excel in a wide range of roll-formed threads, including long length screws, ACME screws, gear teeth, shafts, scaffolds, hardware, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, electric fans, construction, machinery parts, worm and serrated components, and more. These machines adhere to various standards (ISO, ACME, TPN, WORM SCREWS, etc.) and deliver rapid and precise plunge and thru-feed thread rolling operations.

Notably, our flagship thread rolling machine, the PM-250VS (160 Ton), ranks as one of the world's largest machines. It caters to various industries, producing wind energy power plant foundation bolts, tie rods, anchor bolts for tunnel constructions, stainless steel and titanium bolts for the aerospace industry, cross-sea bridges, shipyards, nuclear power plants, and more.

PMC is your trusted partner for top-quality, high-performance metal processing machinery. We offer complete solutions to meet your specific needs and empower your business with cutting-edge technology.








Head office:No. 156, Chengteh Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei City, Taiwan 10363
TEL:886-2-2585-6718  |  FAX:886-2-2597-0828, 2597-7228  | Email:pmcmac@ms24.hinet.net
Website: www.powerchannel.com.tw  |  www.pmc1976.com